Theme: ilhm_v2_hdtv


TTB ID: ilhm_v2_hdtv

Description This is a ILHM v2.1 Theme @ 23.02.2013.

Version “hdtv” (1366×768/854 pixels)
In this version background is greater than small and main content is aligned to right side
Modified by Monter / Marco76 from

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Fixed: update form height and firmware update button size, unified appearance of links, changed the width of the columns of data, removed problem of screen jumping into IE when you hover the mouse over the checkboxes, improved descriptions abound of input fields (eg field TTB ID # in >= v105 by Shibby), unified width of all input fields, new mouseover effects over checkboxes input forms and select boxes with auto change cursor type, add new sweet spin animation, added different colors of tabs in OpenVPN Server/Client sections and a few other minor improvements.

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