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TTB changes the way themes are made. It’s not a big change but there are some rules you must be aware of:

1) all the theme files must be compressed into a zip (Mac archives occasionally create problems we suggest you use windows e.g. 7-ZIP to create the archive)

2) The archive must not contain any root directory = .css directly visible when the archive is opened.

3) the archive must be named after the theme name e.g. mytheme =

4) the .css file within the archive must be called after the theme e.g. mytheme = mytheme.css Example:


5) Theme naming convention [valid from 14/03/2013 and not retrospective]:

  • no special characters such as $,%,& or anything you wouldn’t put in a filename
  • use lowercase only
  • split words with “_” (underscore)
  • [mandatory] begin with the theme name.
  • [optional] hw specific (if any) e.g. containing logos for asus/cisco/buffalo a.s.o.
  • [suggested] release version (positive integers) so v1,v2… but not v1.1
  • [optional] attribute – alternative version description (e.g. a colour)
  • [optional] attribute – alternative version description (e.g. anything)

you get the picture!

Putting everything together it would be



Finally publish your theme on the tomato forum.

It is suggested that you provide a brief description so that we can fill in the article where the theme is going to be presented and the screenshot/s in png format (of the theme only, no browser/os)


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