manual (no TTB)

This method is the traditional one and assume you have access to some sort of external storage e.g. cifs or usb. In this example we’ll use cifs and

1) Download into cifs1. To do so refer to the standard URL + theme name + .zip

cd /cifs1

wget -O

2) Extract your archive into cifs1:

unzip -o -d /cifs1/mytheme

3) rename the .css file

mv /cifs1/mytheme/mytheme.css /cifs1/mytheme/custom.css

4) Copy the files into tomato (RAM):

cp -r /cifs1/mytheme/* /var/wwwext/

5) Log into your tomato and go into Administration/Admin access/Colour scheme

6) Select the option Custom (ext/custom.css)

7) Save

8) Reload your tomato interface in the browser

9) If you want the theme to load from cifs1 automtically (e.g. after a reboot) add this line as per point 4) in the Administration/cifs client/Execute When Mounted

cp -r /cifs1/mytheme/* /var/wwwext/


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  1. My Linksys 160N Router (4MB) with Shibby v108 Mini (No USB either) is not connected to the Internet because I use it only to manage my HDHomerun Prime (Cablecard TV) and use Wifi for my Net access. Because I can only run Shibby Mini due to Flash size limitations, I do not have CIFS access.

    Is there any way to install a theme like “Linksys Red” that I had on previous Shibby versions and was quite fond of without Internet or CIFS/USB access?

    Also, is there any way to properly set the Time without Internet access?

    Thank you.

  2. Sorry if this is late and you have given up, but if you haven’t and haven’t found a solution.

    Try this…

    I use this method because I cannot use CIFS or JFFS on my router to save the theme files and I don’t use the TTB online option as I like to make my own edits to the theme files

    1.Download the theme you want and extract to a local directory (C:\Tomato\Themes\)

    2.Download WinSCP (I downloaded portable and put contents in C:\Tomato\ ….as thats all I use it for)

    Step 3 & 4 are optional and is just for “automation” after a reset

    3. Create a .bat file(Tomato.bat) in the same location as winscp files with the following: /command /script=Tomato.txt

    4. Creat a .txt file (Tomato.txt) in the same location as .bat with the following:
    open scp://root@ (or whatever your gateway address is)
    cd /var/wwwext
    put C:\Tomato\Themes\* (or whatever you chose as a Local folder with your themes)

    5. Connect to the desired router (wired or wirelessly)

    6. Run the .bat file and enter you router password when prompted. This will copy the theme to wwwext folder.

    7. Each time a there is a reset run the .bat file

    Instead of 3 & 4 you can just run the GUI each time and copy files to the folder

    Also if you are lazy and are not worried about security issues you can save your router password in the script file. So all you have to do is run the .bat file and be done once it is done.

    Instead of : open scp://root@
    Make it : open scp://root:password@

      • Khaos – After checking this page so often for a month to see if anyone responded and giving up, I finally on a whim decided to visit and found your super helpful response! Thank you very much! I have been on the Pre-TTB version of Shibby (v104) up until today and now thanks to you I can finally be on the latest version and get the Linksys Red theme. For the most part I doubt the new Shibby versions really change much for me in terms of fixes or changes so there wasn’t much to gain from being on the latest one but it is nice to be up-to-date. Thanks again for taking the time out to prepare such a helpful guide!

  3. When you can use JFFS it’s also an option to use the same procedure as descibed, but with jffs instead of cifs. Without an internet connection you can upload the theme using ssh (for example with filezilla, or any other tool for easy uploading to sftp) to /jffs and then follow the procedure as described with /jffs instead of /cifs1

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