TTB – Tomato Theme base

TTB is a project born to gather together the work of people developing themes for tomato firmware. Together with screenshot and link to the archive you can now with TTL enabled firmware allow users to change theme using online resources. This provides mainly 3 advantages:

  1. save space on the firmware build
  2. centralise and organise the work of people developing themes
  3. simplify the life of the final user looking for a custom tomato theme.

How do I use the TTB in tomato? You have two options:

If you are interested in developing themes for tomato please keep in touch via the tomato forum and specifically the TTB thread

2 thoughts on “about

  1. Hi there!

    Is there any chance you could add AdvancedTomato support to TTB ?
    I’ve already let the original TTB httpd handler code inside so theming is the same as on Shibby builds. The only difference is usage of CSS & ID’s of elements.

    I would greatly appreciate your response,

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