Theme: darkknight_asus_v2


TTB ID: darkknight_asus_v2

Description Theme Darkknight, variant ASUS, Version 2

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Additional available modifications:

darkknight_asus_v2_ffdarkknight_asus_v2_inv (for flipped Background image)

darkknight_asus_v2_fddarkknight_asus_v2_d (for darker theme)

darkknight_asus_v2_fdfdarkknight_asus_v2_dinv (for darker theme and inverted background image)

darkknight_asus_v2_sdarkknight_asus_v2_s (for small Background)

darkknight_asus_v2_sfdarkknight_asus_v2_sinv (for small Background flipped)

10 thoughts on “Theme: darkknight_asus_v2

  1. For some reason these themes will not work on the latest tomato from Shibby.

    The log states: user.notice root: TTB: Cannot download Online themes. Will try again soon…

    Other themes do work.

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