Theme series: basic [40 themes inside]


TTB ID (above): basic_aqua

The basic theme series is based on the original tomato and has been designed for people who prefer diversity vs aesthetics. Each theme is less than 1K.

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 basic_azure basic_azure
basic_banana basic_banana
basic_black basic_black
basic_blue basic_blue
basic_cherry basic_cherry
basic_chocolate basic_chocolate
basic_earth   basic_earth
basic_eggplant basic_eggplant
basic_emerald basic_emerald
basic_gold basic_gold
basic_green basic_green
basic_grey basic_grey
basic_metalgun basic_gunmetal
basic_hotpink basic_hotpink
basic_lavender basic_lavender
basic_lightpurple basic_lightpurple
basic_lime basic_lime
basic_magenta basic_magenta
basic_melon basic_melon
basic_mint basic_mint
basic_mustard basic_mustard
basic_navy basic_navy
basic_olive basic_olive
basic_orange basic_orange
basic_peach basic_peach
basic_petrol basic_petrol
basic_pink basic_pink
basic_pumpkin basic_pumpkin
basic_purple basic_purple
basic_red basic_red
basic_rosybrown basic_rosybrown
basic_salmon basic_salmon
basic_sand basic_sand
basic_smoke basic_smoke
basic_strawberry basic_strawberry
basic_turquoise basic_turquoise
basic_wheat basic_wheat
basic_white basic_white
basic_yellow basic_yellow



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