Theme: nadi_asus, nadi_buffalo, nadi_dlink, nadi_linksys, nadi_netgear


TTB ID: nadi_asus

TTB ID: nadi_buffalo

TTB ID: nadi_dlink

TTB ID: nadi_linksys

TTB ID: nadi_netgear

Description Nadi’s themes, the different versions above have specific vendor logo.

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6 thoughts on “Theme: nadi_asus, nadi_buffalo, nadi_dlink, nadi_linksys, nadi_netgear

  1. Hello, I really love this theme, but is there any way to make is small, like the Cisco theme. I have to run my browser in full screen mode to see all menus but the Cisco theme I could fit in “snap” mode with windows 7, with another program snapped next to it.

  2. Awesome theme, could you make one without the wood panel background, maybe just a solid dark grey, black or similar, awesome job on the layout….

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